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19th Century Daguerreian Manuals

Bisbee, A. (1853) History and Practice of Daguerreotyping (pdf, 3.04mb)

Fisher, GT (1845) Photogenic Manipulation, Part II (pdf, 11.73mb poor quality)

Hill, L.L. (1850) A Treatise on Daguerreotype (pdf, 3.51mb)

Humphrey, S.D. (1849) A System of Photography (pdf, 3.76mb)

Humphrey, S.D. (1858) American Handbook of the Daguerreotype (pdf, 677kb)

Lerebours, N.P. (1843) A Treatise on Photography (pdf, 6.29mb)

Thornewaite, W.H. (1845) A Guide to Photography (pdf, 2.85mb)

Wet-Plate Collodion Manuals

Archer, F.S. (1854) The Collodion Process on Glass (html at Sean MacKenna's website)

Eastman-Kodak (1935) Collodion and the Making of Wet-Plate Negatives (pdf, 9.4mb)

Ellis, M.H. (1856) Ambrotype and Photographic Instructor (pdf, 1.82mb)

Lea, M.C. (1868) A Manual of Photography (html at University of Michigan)

Towler, J. (1864) The Silver Sunbeam (html at Stanford University)

19th Century Photographic Catalogues

E. & H.T. Anthony & Company 1870 Catalogue (pdf, 1.61mb)

Benjamin French & Company 1890 Catalogue (pdf, 14.89mb)

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