jason greenberg motamedi

Summer 2007 Workshop Schedual

Center for Alternative and Historic Processes
June 9-10

Peters Valley Craft Center
June 15-18

Daguerreotypy in the 21st Century
Jason Greenberg Motamedi

The daguerreotype is an image unlike any other, each is unique and elusory. It was the first and arguably the most beautiful form of photography, and yet its technologies are largely forgotten. In this workshop we will learn, practice, and discuss different methods of daguerreotypy with the goal that every participant be able to produce several images, and quickly be on their way to making daguerreotypes on their own. This workshop will use the less-toxic and ecologically-friendly Becquerel development, although we will discuss the basics of mercury development. We will concentrate on the most important and difficult skills; polishing, sensitizing, gilding, and problem solving. In addition, we will manufacture our own daguerreotype plates. The course will also include a brief introduction to the 19th century photographic technology. Participants will be asked to read one of two "classic" manuals (available on-line) before the workshop, and encouraged to bring their own 4x5 or 5x7 camera.





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